Good Oil Company

Good Oil Company was founded by Don O. Good Sr. in 1941. Based out of Monterey, Indiana, the company was involved mainly in the sale and delivery of petroleum products to farm and home heat customers. Don became a Standard Oil/Amoco jobber and continued to grow his business until retirement in 1978.

When Don, retired his two sons, Don and Dean, assumed operation of the company and 1980 they relocated the business to it's current offices in Winamac. 

Don and Dean could see the gasoline service station business was changing. Convenience stores were beginning to add gasoline and gas stations were beginning to sell convenience items. They embraced these changes and entered the convenience store business. They have enjoyed steady growth over the years and now own or operate 20 retail locations and supply 76 dealer locations. These sites are under the BP, Citgo, Marathon and Phillips 66 brands.